Delena’s ‘SOS’ Proves That She Is Well On Her Way Towards Stardom!

In the current climate, releasing new music is one of the few avenues for artists and musicians to a) be heard, b) build a fanbase and c) try and make a modest income from their work. One lady doing just this is Delena who has recently released her new single ‘S.O.S.’. 

The laidback electric guitar and marching band drums are pure summer pop as she sings “This is just like something you do, pull me back as soon as we’re through.”  Lyrically, the listener hears a real vulnerability but that soon turns into fiery independence just like Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’.

Her new single is well-produced, her voice is clear and delivers the lyrics perfectly and she seems genuine which can be difficult to convey in a song. If she were able to secure an opening slot on either a few live dates or even a tour for someone such as Dua Lipa, Camilla Cabello or Charli XCX in say the UK/European territories then that would allow this rising star to be heard by more people – and with ‘S.O.S.’ already having garnered over 150,000 streams , Delena is well on her way. 

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