Taylor Castro Is At The Forefront Of A Pioneering New Way To Watch Music

During the pandemic, we have to make do with what we have. Whether that be baking bread every day of the week, watching all of Netflix or just vibing, we’re all out here doing our best. But Live Nation have really pushed the envelope, putting into place a pioneering new way to watch live music – and Taylor Castro is right at the forefront.

Taylor Castro is an unassuming-looking young woman from Florida with a voice that must be heard to be believed. In partnership with Live Nation, Castro has embarked on a virtual world tour, performing live online all around the world. Her set consisted of a handful of songs off her upcoming album release, Girl Afraid

First up was latest single ‘Abyss’, a song about toxic masculinity and platonic love – which sounded wonderful in the stripped-back arrangement which gave the performance space to really understand the brilliant lyrics which this fantastic artist is known for.

Set highlight has to go to the title track, ’Girl, Afraid’, which Castro prefaced with a frank discussion about her own struggles with mental health and OCD in particular. The song is honest and heartfelt, and really shows off Taylor’s impressively mature and soulful voice.

Hopefully before too long we will be able to see these songs being performed live, in the same room – 2021 world tour, anyone?!

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