Aruba Red Releases New Song ‘Butterfly’ A Salve For Troubled Times

Aruba Red takes her name from one of the most infamous female Pirate legends and her music certainly crosses into all sorts of different genres. Maybe the Pirate in her likes to raid and take on as many different styles as she can to create a richness of being.

Described as an alternative soul and trip hop artist, her music certainly crosses many preconceived ideas and is all the better for it.

‘Butterfly’, her new single, has a gentle soothing feel to it but don’t let that make you think it doesn’t have any punch. As Aruba sings, the beautiful mix of her vocals and the waves of the melodies wash over you like the sea over your toes. And, in much the same way, you feel worries being drawn away with each wave.

The lyrics could almost be a lesson in how to heal your mind, body and soul and if ever there was a time for a much needed musical salve this is surely the best timed release ever.

On a technical level the song works at 432Hz whilst most mainstream music works at around 440Hz. This frequency is widely reported to have healing qualities and it’s this, combined with the beautiful mantra like lyrics, that set this song apart and make it truly a song for this very moment but also one to add to your playlist for those moments you need Aruba Red to make you feel like that most graceful of creatures, the butterfly. The title is not accidental for an artist who herself is in the process of emerging from a chrysalis of her own and I urge you to listen to this mesmerising song.

Find the video here :

Aruba Red - Butterfly

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