‘Trippin’ Star Giulia Teams Up With SHIT

No, it’s not an insult – Giulia, of ‘Trippin’ fame, has teamed up with the mental health charity So Happy In Town, to remind us that #itsoktofeelshit.

The charity was started by Susie, a mum who wanted to spread awareness of mental health issues around young people and how to support them if you are a parent. Primarily a blog, the charity also sells a range of fun t-shirts (yes, with a bad word on them) – from which all the profits go to YoungMinds.

Of the honour, Giulia says,

“I would like to start by saying Thankyou to @sohappyintown for sending me this tee to help raise not only awareness but a positive message to everyone especially to #youngminds who are struggling from mental health issues.

This is a very strange, scary, peculiar time in which we are living. Everyone feels scared, trapped, confused like there’s no future. I’m not here to tell you what to do but I know what I can do to feel better. I want to start by being grateful for what I have. My health, the health of my beloved ones, my inner freedom and the blessing of being around nature right now.

What I want to do is to encourage you to think positive and be grateful for what you have. If you can’t find help in others, find it in yourself, you are strong and worthy of love (everybody is) ❤️.”

The importance of gratitude at a time like this cannot be understated. Thank you Giulia!

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