Slip Of The Tongue: Imelda May Announces First Poetry EP – First Single ‘Home’ Out Today

Imelda May today announces the release of her first poetry EP, ‘Slip Of The Tongue’, out on 29th May on Decca Records. The first single ‘Home’ is available today, with one poem then released every week leading up to the nine-track EP.

With a sensuous, sexual female power at its core, ‘Slip of the Tongue’ is quintessentially Imelda. Famed for her prowess as a wordsmith, the EP sees her dissect her own experiences with characteristic sincerity. Tackling issues such as obsession, heartbreak and abuse, Imelda says,

“I constantly write. Writing pads are filled, backs of envelopes, scraps of paper are scribbled on and scattered around me in between books, trinkets and photos. Melodies swirl in my head. Footsteps become the rhythm to a song. But often words don’t feel like they need anything more than to be spoken aloud or read alone. They just feel good as they are. But I still hear music. It evokes such strong emotion. So I decided to combine my two loves. I think they dance beautifully. I hope you agree.”

Imelda has never been afraid to be outspoken and poetry is a natural outlet for this multi-faceted artist. At last year’s Latitude Festival, she premiered an exclusive performance and immersive art piece entitled ‘Hallowed’. Within an illuminated cube in Latitude’s secluded woodland, Imelda welcomed participants inside a sensory space to watch her write and observe her creative process both within and ‘on’ a fractured glass walled environment. “Art in all its forms should never get comfortable”, says Imelda.

Set to an instrumental backdrop of strings, ‘Home’ is a heartfelt recollection of what it feels like to be deeply in love. Imelda’s distinctive speaking voice is immediately captivating, urging the listener to linger on every word.

Speaking of the track, Imelda says,

“My friend Sara was getting married and I decided to write a poem as a gift. It made me sit and really think about Love and what it is in all its forms and to look at it purely from loves own point of view. I surmised what it might tell us if we simply took the time to listen and realised, for me, true love is where I can be my true self, it feels like home.”

Imelda’s last album, 2017’s ‘Life Love Flesh Blood’, landed at No.5 in the UK Official Album Chart and she can count such artists as Bob Dylan and Bono amongst her fans. Last year, her 2008 album ‘Love Tattoo’ was named the bestselling album of all-time by a homegrown female Irish artist by the Official Charts Company.

Born and raised in The Liberties area of Dublin, Imelda has become one of Ireland’s most famed female artists in history. Discovered by Jools Holland, who asked Imelda to support him on tour, Imelda has gone on to perform alongside artists including Lou Reed, Smokey Robinson and Jack Savoretti and has recently featured on Hollywood legend Jeff Goldblum and music icon Ronnie Wood’s albums.

For those who have not experienced the magic of Imelda’s spoken word, ‘Slip of the Tongue’ is an intriguing introduction to her impressive skill as a poetic storyteller. On this daring new EP, she invites fans old and new on a journey, with her voice as the guide.

Find out more about Imelda May on her official websiteFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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