David Haerle – ‘Go Do That With Sharon’ And ‘Romy and Michele’

We’ve written about David Haerle a lot here on Essentially Pop, reviewing the releases from his 2018 debut album, ‘Garden Of Edendale’. Now he returns with his second album, ‘Death Valley’, which is a glistening blend of So-Cal sound with classic British Rock. The first two singles, ‘Go Do That With Sharon’, and ‘Romy And Michele’, are just a taste of what’s to come from the rest of the album, which tracks his search for a renewal of his spirit, and finding beauty in the minutiae of everyday life.

First track, ‘God Do That With Sharon’, and its accompanying video, is an inside joke between David and his partner Erica:

“We have a very good friend, Sharon, who likes to do things some people might find a little offbeat or kooky, like the international UFO convention she just attended When Erica and I are travelling, say on Interstate 15 and I exclaim, ‘I’d love to go explore that abandoned water park over there’, something she has zero interest in, she’ll say, ‘go do that with Sharon’. Even in the best of relationships there will be interests both parties don’t share, so to be able to have other friends you can ‘go do that with…’ is a healthy thing.”

The video was shot in and around Death Valley, The Salton Sea, Slab City, Salvation Mountain, East Jesus, Bombay Beach, Area 51, The ET Highway, Rachel, Nevada, Lake Delores Waterpark, The Mojave Air and Space Port, and other incredible locations in California and Nevada. This song resonated strongly with me, as I am probably a “Sharon”, and with a friend, we managed to get ourselves lost in the Mojave Desert a couple of years back…while looking for “the abandoned water park” at Lake Delores. Check it out below:

David Haerle - Go Do That With Sharon (Official Music Video)

The video for second track, ‘Romy And Michele’ was shot in Venice, California, on the beach in front of the apartment building where Romy and Michele lived, from the film, ‘Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion’. Speaking of the film as the choice of subject for the song, Haerle said,

“The movie ‘Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion’ changed my life. Ok, it didn’t change my life, but Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow are beyond adorable in the film. I’ve found myself calling up scenes on YouTube when I just wanted to relax, feel good or laugh. The song is about having a movie that you go back to over the years because it holds that special place in your heart. Romy and Michele put me back in touch with something innocent, light and good. Your movie might connect to your youth or allow you to escape real life for a little while.”

The video shows David Haerle and his band playing on the beachfront, as Haerle sings of how much the film means to him. You can watch the video here:

David Haerle - Romy And Michele (Official Music Video)

Find out more about David Haerle here on his official website.

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