David D’Angelo – ‘Priceless Commodity’ ft. Mayday

San Francisco based producer and multi-instrumentalist sees the world as a paradise, not a playground, and his latest single, ‘Priceless Commodity’, featuring MayDay, off his upcoming EP ‘In My Own World’, is the perfect example of what this musician can create.

Brought up in a musical household which saw him exposed to classical music from his mother, and traditional Peruvian music from his father, David has added to it g-funk inspired hip hop, smooth neo-soul piano, and funky synths. Adding to that a dark, low-end groove for Durham, North Carolina rapper Mayday, and ‘Priceless Commodity’ is a very interesting track indeed.

The track is the first single from D’Angelo’s upcoming EP, and with barely restrained intensity, Mayday raps a warning about how we’re mistreating the earth, with his words comparing the resources of the earth drying up like an MC running out of ideas – when it’s gone, it’s gone. The music ramps up a bit, going between the spacey synths, resembling water drops; to plinky plonk piano tip toe steps.

These fossils we fueling might have us all crashing
Shocking, we cling to something, that just seems so static
Man-made monsters, creatures of habit
Smoke in the air, why am I gasping

Water scarcity is a major issue worldwide, and to help address that, 25% of all proceeds from’Priceless Commodity’ in the first year will be donated to Gravity Water, an initiative providing international communities with rainwater filtration systems.

Fittingly, the video was released on Earth Day. Mayday is out in the woods, and spits out his rhymes, taking very personally the mistreatment humanity constantly shows to the natural world. We see people in masks, dancing in the California desert, behind Los Angeles, swinging bottles of water, praying for rain. The clip, directed by D’Angelo and Shay Stifelman, who also filmed and edited, is an invitation for us all to take a look at the world, and ask ourselves which side we want to be on.

Find David D’Angelo online on is official website.

David D'Angelo - Priceless Commodity ft. MayDay (Official Video)

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