Bingo Online Can Be As Good As The Real Thing

If the only experience you’ve had of bingo is attending a bingo hall with lots of other people and being physically in front of the bingo balls as they are pulled from their box or case, then you might be wondering just how online bingo can live up to the thrill of this. After all, there are many reasons why, and it’s not just about the game – the social element is also important, as are the prizes and the fun of going out.

Although online bingo can’t bring all of this to you, it can certainly do a lot, and when it comes to comparisons with the real thing, there are a lot more similarities than you would probably first think of. Here are some of them, as well as some general advantages that online bingo has over its land based counterpart. You also can have better chances of winning when you understand the bingo rules completely.

Stay At Home

Staying at home is something that can be a benefit for many people; if they are ill, afraid of becoming ill, or if they just don’t have the time to actually go somewhere (after all, as well as how long a game of bingo takes, there is the travelling time to consider too), staying at home to play is ideal.

Plus, you can be much more comfortable in your own home. Would your local bingo hall allow you to wear your pyjamas and slippers? Lie on a sofa? Play in the bath? You don’t have to get dressed at all to play online bingo if you don’t want to. Even the weather won’t affect your game play.

Mobile Gaming

Another advantage to online bingo is the fact that you can play it ‘on the go’ thanks to mobile gaming. Using a tablet or phone to play is entirely possible; you can download apps or you can go to a website like you would on a laptop. This means you can play wherever you happen to be, so you don’t have to wait until a certain time for a game to begin; you can play in your lunchtime, on your daily commute, or whenever you want to.

The games online will start every few minutes, so even if you do have to wait, it won’t be for long. No matter when you have a spare few moments to play, there will be a game ready for you to join. If you arrive late for a land based game of bingo, you can’t play at all.

Lots Of Choice

If you’re lucky, you might have two or maybe even three bingo halls within a reasonable distance of your home. Usually you’ll only have one, and increasingly – with so many closing – you won’t have any at all.

Go online and search for bingo and you’ll soon see that you have a much bigger choice. You can choose from hundreds of different websites and on those sites there will potentially be hundreds of bingo games you can get involved in. If you don’t like one, you’ll swiftly be able to find another. If you don’t enjoy the game or atmosphere at a land based bingo hall, there’s not a lot you can do about it.

Something else that’s fun and that many people love when it comes to online bingo is that there are plenty of variations on the standard game. For example, the number of balls might be different, from 30, 50, 75, 80, or 90 balls, depending on your preference.

It’s Sometimes Free

To make online bingo even better, some games are free. It will depend on the site you’re looking at, but many casinos like to offer free games. Yes, it’s to entice new players in and keep them happy until the paid for games begin, but so what? If you’re playing and having fun, there’s no rule that says you then have to pay if you don’t want to – just move onto another site instead.

There are also games that require no deposit when you join the site they are on. This will give you the perfect opportunity to play for free (and not just bingo either; slots and other casino games will also be accessible). You can trial a site to make sure you’re happy with it before you commit and pay your money.

You Don’t Have To Be There

Sometimes life gets in the way of a good game of bingo, and if you are attending a land based bingo hall and you have a family function to go to, you’re ill, or you don’t feel like going out for any reason, you’ll miss out.

This is not the case for online bingo, or at least not all of them. You can actually buy your bingo tickets in advance, and because these games are automated you don’t need to be there to tell the caller you’ve won. It’s like buying Lotto tickets online; the site checks them for you, and will inform you if you have won. Even if you simply forget to log into the game, you will still have a chance of winning. Although it’s fun to watch the numbers get pulled and tick them off your virtual card, if you really can’t be there, it doesn’t matter as long as you remember to buy your tickets in advance.

No Mistakes

Have you ever had the worry you’ve marked off the wrong number or too many of them or made some other kind of mistake on your bingo card? Worse still, have you ever called ‘house’ only to discover you’ve made a big error? It’s certainly something that can happen at a land based bingo hall.

It’s not, however, something that can happen at an online casino. The system will automatically mark your card even if you don’t notice that one of your number has been called. Plus, it won’t let you mark a number that hasn’t been called – mistakes just can’t be made.

The Social Side

If it’s the social element of land based bingo that you enjoy the most you don’t have to worry that you’ll miss out if you try online bingo. There are chat rooms set up to give you the opportunity to ‘talk’ to your fellow players.

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