YouTube Originals Announce Star-Studded Four-Hour Livestream Celebration Of Solidarity In Lockdown

YouTube Originals today announced a star-studded lineup of the UK’s most loved YouTube creators and celebrities who will come together in a spectacular four-hour livestream Original “Stream #WithMe” designed to support, entertain and educate viewers in lockdown.

The all-star group of creators and celebrities will let us in on how they are coping with the lockdown experience in a celebration of solidarity. They will share tips on how to keep entertained, upbeat, and active as they tag-team their way through four hours of joyful unexpected performances and exciting challenges culminating in an almighty stunt for the nation. Throughout “Stream #WithMe”, audiences will be encouraged to support the great work of the NHS associated charities by making a donation to the NHS Charities Together campaign.

Each of the four hours will be hosted by a different creator who we will return to as they prepare an unexpected performance or an exciting challenge. Interspersed within each hour, creators and stars will tag-team their way through lockdown tutorials including how to keep entertained, upbeat, and active. Creators and stars will also be presented with two mystery box challenges that showcase fun things that you too can try at home.

Luke Hyams, the Head of YouTube Originals EMEA, said:

“Now more than ever, YouTube wants to bring people together. That’s why in our new YouTube Original, ‘Stream #WithMe’ we have enabled the coming together of an incredible line-up of Britain’s most-loved creators and voices to support, entertain and bring a bit of laughter to those at home and on the front lines. Life in isolation brings both difficult challenges and moments of joy. We hope this show brings the latter. We hope you’ll join us and ‘Stream #WithMe’!”

Kevin Batchelor, Co-Founder Electric Robin, said:

“Because we are in isolation, this live stream is a real technical challenge – combining 12 different live locations together using up to 60 different cameras we have pulled out all the stops to bring this epic broadcast together and we’re really excited to have some of the biggest and best content creators on our line-up. It’s all down to a huge team effort and brilliantly talented people that we’ve been able to turn this around so quickly. It’s going to be four hours of amazing entertainment that we hope will help bring some light into homes as we navigate these unprecedented times, while also helping raise money for those on the frontline.”

See below for the full list of contributors:

• Saffron Barker (ft. AJ and Curtis Pritchard)
• Anastasia Kingsnorth
• Jack Maynard (featuring Miles Nazaire)
• Big Narstie (feat. Stevo the Madman, Haks and KS LDN)
• Clare Siobhan / Ali A
• WillNE
• Lady Leshurr
• Morgz / Morgz Mum
• Daniel Howell
• Colin Furze
• Phil Lester
• Behzinga (Ethan Payne)
• Yammy
• F2Freestylers (Jeremy Lynch & Billy Wingrove)
• Zac and Jay Show
• English with Lucy
• Mike Boyd
• Yiannimize
• Jessica Kellgren-Fozard
• Riyadh K
• Maisie Peters
• Humza Productions

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