Alex Sparrow – ‘Let’s Stay Home Tonight’

It’s that time of year when we would ordinarily be gearing up to watch European music’s night of nights, The Eurovision Song Contest. Alex Sparrow competed for his native Russia in the contest in 2011, when it was held in Dusseldorf, finishing in 16th position. There’s no Eurovision this year because of Covid-19, but there’s an Alex Sparrow song – the singer, composer, actor and producer, now based in Los Angeles, has released his most recent single, ‘Let’s Stay Home Tonight’, and although it’s no compensation for the Eurovision, it’s a fun song with an equally upbeat music video.

Alex Sparrow - Let's Stay Home Tonight (OFFICIAL VIDEO) | Алексей Воробьев

Originally written as a love song, a simple plea to a lover to drop all plans and just stay home tonight – it’s turned out to be a more than appropriate track for the current quarantine conditions. Acoustic guitar and pan pipes, along with a bouncy upbeat rhythm, combined with Alex’s positive, fun, yet sensual vocals (think Enrique Iglesias) make ‘Let’s Stay Home Tonight’ a song worth hitting that replay button. It’s a track well in keeping with Sparrow’s philosophy of a healthy lifestyle and positive mental attitude being all you need to make the impossible possible. And so far, it seems to be working for him. He’s got more than 980 million views on Facebook, and over 258 million views on YouTube. He’s also snagged himself a role in ‘Space Force‘, set for release on Netflix on May 29, which also stars Steve Carrell and John Malkovich. Not bad! Not bad indeed!

The video for ‘Let’s Stay Home Tonight’ sees a couple in lockdown LA, working out how to cope in the new world. There’s a lot of humour in the clip, as in the rest of Sparrow’s releases – the pair negotiate their way around on bicycle with a corgi in tow; black market toilet paper is on sale at the bargain price of $100 per roll; and at the end, when the pair are having a fight and his love is about to slap him, Sparrow insists she first sprays her hands with sanitiser. Of course!

You can find Alex Sparrow online on his Instagram page. Read our other articles about Alex Sparrow here.

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