The Pop Culture Of iGaming – Music, Movies And More

Since its inception, the popularity of iGaming kept on increasing constantly. More people than ever before decide to pursue this lifestyle, contributing to its increasing references in pop culture. Nowadays, gambling is a big part of our culture, and you can find it everywhere, from music to movies and even video games. We’ll take a look at the pop culture presence of it, in this article.


The casino lifestyle has been captured in music for many decades now thanks to its prestige and glamour. Popular musicians such as Frank Sinatra or bands like Rolling Stones have referenced the casino world in their songs.

‘Ace Of Spades’ is one of the most popular casino songs ever released. It is one of the top songs from Motörhead. The song was inspired by Lemmy’s lifestyle – the lead singer of the band. Gambling was a big part of his lifestyle, representing something that he liked to practice, whenever not singing.

‘Tumbling Dice’ is another popular song inspired by this industry. The track was released in 1972 by The Rolling Stones as part of the ‘Exile On Main St’ album. It was an instant hit, quickly reaching the 7th position on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song is still hugely popular in movies and everyday culture even now.


Movies and music are closely related since both of them represent a way of telling a story. Same as songs, gambling-related movies have become very popular over the last couple of years. ‘Casino’ (1995) is a great title from this genre. The movie portrays the lifestyle of a manager and all of the challenges he has to overcome to provide his guests with the highest degree of entertainment. The music from this movie and the overall ambiance makes you feel just as if you’re part of that period.

Although not necessarily a casino movie, ‘Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas’ (1998) manages to depict Las Vegas and the lifestyle of people in a completely new way. The movie follows Raoul Duke, a journalist, in his exploration of Vegas entertainment while trying to cover the famous Kentucky Derby.

There are a few other movies that had huge exposure in pop culture like ‘The Gambler’ (2014), ‘Casino Royale’ (2006), and the Ocean’s movie trilogy, including ‘Ocean’s Eight’ from 2018.

Video Games

With the huge technological development we have experienced throughout the last couple of years, iGaming started becoming an essential niche of online gaming. Online casinos have made their appearance on the web, giving people the possibility of playing games without having to visit land-based establishments.

Slot games like Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot, and Starburst are very popular since they authentically represent the original slot machines while introducing an extra layer of fun. To provide an all-around experience, these platforms also feature card games, roulette and even sports betting, having something for anybody.

Besides the world of online leisure, these casino games have also made their appearance in action video games. ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ features the legendary city, Las Vegas and the Mojave Desert. Different from all of the other Fallout games, this one allows the user to play slot games, authentically portraying the Vegas lifestyle. Although set in the future, thanks to the music and the scenery, the game feels just like the 1940s or 50s in Vegas.

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