Teenage Superstar Allegra Reminds Us To Prioritise What’s Important With ‘All About Us’

Teenage superstar Allegra came running out the blocks with no signs of slowing down for her debut single, ‘All About Us’. This song was so immediately captivating that it wasted no time whatsoever in climbing up multiple Billboard charts and iTunes top 10 rundowns the world over.

It was originally Allegra’s obvious passion for music and her desire to create fresh and honest music that initially caught the attention of some of the industry’s biggest names. Produced by Scott Stoddart of the Hit Making Audiofreaks Stable (who currently have three songs on hold for BTS), ‘All About Us’, released March 15th, is a laid back, feel good track guaranteed to shower us with some much needed summer vibes this winter.

The track comes accompanied by a bold and dynamic music video that highlights the modernity of this young artist. The derelict and urban aesthetic value combined with the trend-setting styling make for a truly brilliant video that shows exactly what kind of artist Allegra is.

With a sweeping synth, the song begins simplistically, before Allegra’s powerful vocals kick it into the next gear. An astoundingly clear message from a voice so young (yet a vocal so mature), at its core the song is about prioritising love above everything else. A timely message for the world right now, as paranoia and anxiety seem to seep into every corner of the media we consume on a daily basis. This is a refreshingly joyous pop offering in amongst the doom and gloom and serves to present Allegra to the world for the first time as an artist to be reckoned with.

Watch the stunning video down below and keep your eyes on Allegra’s socials for up-to-date information on live shows and release dates.

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