Jon Patrick Walker Channels Bowie In Latest Single ‘All-Night Diner’

Full on channelling early David Bowie, Jon Patrick Walker returns with his latest single, ‘All-Night Diner’, which was released on March 13. Jon’s new album, ‘The Rented Tuxedo And Other Songs’ comes out on June 12.

On first listen, we’re taken back to Bowie’s self-titled 1969 album, and ‘Cygnet Committee’. In fact it’s difficult to remove yourself from the idea that this might be a newly rediscovered, long lost Bowie composition. While it’s clear his inspiration has chiefly come from this direction, there’s also hints of Lennon and Dylan in there as well.

Drawling and drawn out, heartrendingly tragic and sad, ‘Late-Night Diner’ calls up the idea of someone who’s reached the point of no return, and doesn’t care what happens next. With only his “good friend Jack Daniels” for company, he’s sitting contemplating his loss – in addition to his car, and cleared out his bank account, the that hits him hardest was that,  “they took my Playboy Magazine Mama!”

Released on March 12, ‘Late-Night Diner’ might well resound with a lot of people who are feeling hopeless in light of the current COVID-19 situtation. While we’re not sitting in a late-night diner – we’re sitting at home wondering what happens next, and perhaps realising that maybe things can’t really get much worse, so let’s make the best of what we’ve got.

It’s not a cheery song by any means, but nonetheless, Walker’s languid, drawn out vocals, and the humour and heavily veiled positivity of the song will get you hitting replay over and over. Maybe it’s the Bowie fan in me but I’m really enjoying ‘Late-Night Diner’.

‘The Rented Tuxedo & Other Songs’, from which ‘Late-Night Diner’ comes, is a 9 track album, following on a mere 8 months from Walker’s previous long-player release, ‘Welcome To The Edge Times’. Recorded over the winter in Nashville, with Roger Moutenot at the production helm, it’s bound to have Jon Patrick Walker fans enamoured, as well as anyone else who enjoys excellent quality music.

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