Go Listen To ‘We’re All Going to Die’ By No Serial Killer Now!

Fancy a new song to listen to? We’ve got just the one for you! No Serial Killer released their single, ‘We’re All Going To Die’ not too long ago…and they have a special 28- track one-off music project in the making!

‘We’re All Going To Die’ has that bounce that will make you want to not sit still. One of the best bits about the track is the wonderful blend of instrumentals and vocals. It’s something that you can just appreciate from the get go. The solo guitar breaks between verses are addictive to listen to! As well as the constant catchy piano in the background throughout the entire song.

So, why the name “No Serial Killer” you may ask? Well, A.K.M’s music concept is designed to eliminate murder in society. It is there to establish a world where no killing takes place and how to embrace the insanity before it consumes you.

This, for sure, sounds like one of the most interesting music concepts we have ever heard. Make sure you check back to see what No Serial Killer has in store for us. ‘We’re All Going to Die’ is now available to listen to via Soundcloud:

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