Perttu Guides Us ‘Home’ With New Record

The awesome producer Perttu has just released a glorious slice of retro pop with new single ‘Home’. Out now via self-release, this track is drenched in nostalgic vibes whilst showcasing his skilled artistry.

Wanting to create a “band” feel to the record, Perttu was originally inspired by feeling homesick from his native Helsinki. He reveals:

“I wanted this song to have a modern punch to it, combined with a vintage sound performed by real musicians to deliver the ultimate groove. I even got a violinists Olivia and Milena to lend me their talent. Vocals I wanted to keep very raw and left them without edits!

In fact, coming up with the lyrics was almost like a therapy session for me, with Alexandra and Jesse interviewing me about what I miss about the place that I come from. And I gotta say, they totally caught the right vibe! I am so so so glad to have such talented friends around me. At the end of the day it is a simple pop song, but I hope we manage to take you to a place (or space) and time when everything used to be good, and bring this back to the present, wherever you decide to play this song!”

You can hear it below.

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