LVVRS Are Not Yet ‘Iconic’ But Maybe One Day

LVVRS from Acadiana, Louisiana, would never call themselves ‘Iconic’, but nonetheless, this is the name of their latest single.

What makes someone or some thing iconic? What do you think of when you hear the word? Can you style yourself as iconic, or is it something that must be bestowed upon you by others? LVVRS, who hail from the deepest south of Louisiana, “Cajun Country”, with its prairies and bayous, would probably describe themselves as anything but iconic – but who knows, maybe they have just the right amount of swagger and style to be deemed as such.

Like all of their other songs, ‘Iconic’ sounds just as fabulous out on the dance floor as it does being blasted out of a speeding car. Singer River Gibson takes the track and delivers it with sweetness and panache, and a business acumen that should make anybody take LVVRS seriously. Every single released by the band has come with a music video, and each is stylish, glossy, and cinema-ready – setting the band up for the big time that is sure to come their way. LVVRS have once again collaborated with fellow Louisiana artist, director Alexander Breaux, who has worked on their previous videos, and ensured their vision is captured cinematically as well as sonically.

We see Gibson in a convenience store, but one containing many mysteries: doors opening into different dimensions. There’s shots of animal masks, interspersed with sequences of strange worlds, filled with psychedelia – as well as clips of LVVRS performing on stage, with the swagger of the stars that they are.

Are LVVRS iconic? Not yet, but watch this space.

Find LVVRS online on their official website. Watch the video for ‘Iconic’ below.

LVVRS - Iconic (Official Music Video)

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