How To Make Your Music Gear Reflect Your Musical Tastes

No matter how old you may be, music tends to be a huge part of our lives as we grow up. Your music taste is never just a random choice of what you find catchy, but can reflect many of your personality traits. Some people think of music taste in colours, while others think of them in terms of style.

It’s no surprise that each genre is known for its own aesthetic, which can be fun when you want outwardly advertise to the world what your music taste is. One of the many ways you can give others a hint of your favourite music genres is by having music gear that matches the aesthetic of your favourite artists.

Here’s how you can make your music gear reflect your taste in music.

Explore Your Options

The right gear is not just a pair of good headphones that you can plug into your smart device. There’s a whole, unexplored world of music equipment that can better immerse you in your favourite tunes. If you’re unsure what gear the music world has to offer, this helpful site can introduce you to the latest sound systems, recorders, and more. You may come across gear that you never knew you needed! While exploring your options, never hesitate to ask others in your sub-genres’ community to see what best suits the frequencies of the tunes you usually blast.

Be Consistent

When it comes to expressing your music taste through music equipment, it’s important to stick to a certain style, no matter what that may be. You could be drawn to more vintage options, minimalistic alternatives, or modern gear. Whatever it may be, stick one style; otherwise, you may end up purchasing lots of junk that ends up in a garage sale. Test out the gear in your local shops to see what your music sounds best on.

Invest in a Turntable

No matter how good a modern sound system sounds, a turntable can give you a crisp sound. This can add a modern or vintage touch to your room, depending on what style you’re going for. If you’re looking to play classic jazz, a vintage gramophone can immerse you in the 50s mood. If you’re more of an eighties rock person, a digital turntable may better suit your musical needs. While these options will not differ in sound output, they’ll certainly put you in a drastically different mood, and can change the look and feel of your room.

Try a Sound System

Whether you hook up a home theatre to your television, or opt for Bluetooth sound speakers, blasting your music on massive subwoofers can give you a completely different experience compared to plugging your headphones in. This option is perfect for genres such as house music and techno, seeing as you’ll be able to feel the beats run through you. This will also come in handy if you plan to host any house parties, or if you have an audio mixer that you want to hook up to your system.

Go Old-School

Bigger or more expensive is not always better when it comes to music gear. Playing ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ on your expensive subwoofer sound system may be completely unnecessary, when you can enjoy it on a boombox cassette player. Playing eighties and nineties pop and alternative music has a completely different feel to it when you slide your cassette into your retro stereo, and hear that satisfying click of the play button. You can find old-school music gear for cheap if you opt for cassette players, or you can opt for more expensive vintage gear such as gramophones.

Get Portable Speakers

Your music gear collection is not complete unless you can take your tunes everywhere you go, and that includes your bathroom. The portable bluetooth speakers can be an affordable investment, which you can take to gatherings as well as your shower if it’s waterproof. If you can’t afford built-in sound systems, you can also hang portable speakers in areas like the kitchen or bathroom, to keep yourself and your guests entertained. This can be a cheap way to change the entire aura of your home.

Buying specific music gear, which is tailored to suit a certain range of genres can be a fun way to express your musical taste, and indulge in your favourite kind of music. Of course, our simple guide is not set in stone, and there are no rules when it comes to how you can express yourself. But you can check out some of our tips, and see what works best for you.

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