BRAND NEW FRIEND – New EP ‘A Cure For Living’ Out This Friday

Have you ever wondered what Alex Turner and Alexa Chung may have said to one-another when a certain romance blossomed between the two at the height of the 00’s indie-music boom?

Well, so have Northern Ireland’s BRAND NEW FRIEND.

In anticipation of the release of their EP, ‘A Cure For Living’ this Valentines Day (via Xtra Mile Recordings), the Northern Irish
alt-rockers are clearly feeling the love already and today release ‘Stop The Days’; a new track that finds the band daydreaming about indie’s once-upon-a-time golden couple…

Listen to new single: ‘Stop The Days’ here:

Brand New Friend - Stop The Days

Opening-up about the ‘Stop The Days’, the band say:

“’Stop The Days’ is an imagined conversation between Alex Turner and Alexa Chung, circa 2007. Do you remember the Valentines Card he wrote for her that was left in the bar and leaked to the press? ‘My mouth hasn’t shut up about you since you kissed it…’.

It’s essentially me talking to someone; through millionaire rockstar Alex Turner and highly successful broadcaster/writer/fashion designer Alexa Chung.

He tells her that if he could stop the days, he would. In a heartbeat. So they could spend more time together. It’s very simple, it makes me very happy every time we play it.”

A pure rush of endorphins, ‘Stop The Days’ distils everything we’ve ever loved about Brand New Friend into a short, sweet three-minute hit that’s guaranteed to have you head-over-heels.

The new track directly follows BBC R1 + Radio X supported ‘Nothin
Stays The Same
’, and ‘The Letter A’, and will sit alongside them on the band’s highly anticipated new release: ‘A Cure For Living’. A 7-track EP set to be released through Xtra Mile Recordings on 14 February 2020, it will be the first extended studio collection from the quintet since their debut album ‘Seatbelts For Aeroplanes’ back in 2018.

To commemorate the upcoming release, Brand New Friend have hit the road once again, following their first show of the year at Belfast’s
Oh Yeah Music Centre on 31st January, as part of Independent Venue Week. plus a hometown gig at Kelly’s Bar in Portrush on 7th March. The band have also just announced an additional Belfast show on Saturday 14th March, headlining the city’s Voodoo Rooms with support from Cherym and The Florentinas.

Standby for new dates to be announced very shortly.

Pre-order/Stream ‘A Cure For Living’ here. For more information about Brand New Friend, visit their website, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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