Flawes Tells All About Their Upcoming Debut Album ‘Highlights’

The indie-pop trio Flawes have announced the date of their highly anticipated debut album ‘Highlights’. The 12-track album will be available to stream from the 31st January across all major streaming platforms.

It’s fair to say that ‘Highlights’ brings a fresh, new sound than what we usually hear on our Spotify playlists…in the best possible way! We might be constantly pressing the skip button on songs we’ve heard 1000 times that all sound VERY similar, but once you listen to this album, you will want to listen to it from start to finish, and then back again.

Back in October, the band released a brand new single ‘Ghost Town’ which features the critically acclaimed singer ROZES. We thought it would be a good idea to talk to Flawes themselves about how this collaboration happened, how excited they are about the album release, and what else is to come from the band for the rest of 2020!

Your album ‘Highlights’ comes out on the 31st January. Can each of you tell me what your favourite song off the album is and why?

JC: I go through phases but my current favourite song on the album is probably a song called ‘Take This Slow’. It’s a song all about reminding myself to slow down and try to enjoy the moment a little more, instead of constantly concentrating on what’s next.

Huss: For me it’s track 8 ‘Still Not Ready’, I’ve loved it since the day 1 demo. It’s got such a positive, uplifting energy about it. I think it’s my favourite to play live too. We make everyone in the crowd jump up with us in the chorus so if you’re coming to a show this year, you’ve been warned.

Freddie: My favourite track seems to change day by day! I’m currently really enjoying ‘No Good For My Soul’. Hearing it reminds me of the trip we took to Wales to write it.

You’ve released ‘Ghost Town’ in December which features ROZES. How did this collaboration come about?

JC: We first heard of ROZES after coming across her song ‘Halfway There’ on a spotify NMF playlist and loved her sound instantly. We were introduced by our record label and ended up working with her on the song remotely between London, LA and Philadelphia. We love the twist she put on the song, especially in the breakdown. It was so much fun working with her.

Whilst on the topic of collaborations, if you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?

Huss: Individually we all have quite different tastes in music, so there are so many artists we could pick, but if we had to choose someone in a dream world right now I’d say Lauv, he’s making some really great uplifting music, we are all big fans of his album…So Lauv let’s make it happen.

You toured Europe with AJR, what was that like for you?

Huss: Playing these songs live has been something we’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. It was such a good feeling to see people respond to them, singing along and smiling back at us. We love playing live more than anything and the crowds around Europe on the AJR tour were incredible!

Which do you prefer; recording and creating music? Or performing these songs live in front of an audience?

JC: Without question the songs were written to be played live in front of an audience, that’s where we want to be! There’s no better feeling than looking at someone from the crowd in the eye whilst they sing back the words to your songs!

Which of the album tracks are you most looking forward to playing live?

JC: We are yet to play ‘Take This Slow’ live actually, I can’t wait to see how that works. It would also be awesome to one day play Ghost Town live and have ROZES come out to sing her part too!

When it comes to creating music, who influences you the most?

Freddie: I think we all bring a different colour to writing music as a result of having quite a range of influences. The combination of each of our musical tastes is what makes Flawes sound like Flawes!

You are off to an incredible start to the year with your debut album being released. What else can we expect from you for the rest of 2020?

Freddie: Thank you! It’s such a great feeling to finally have the album coming out. We put a lot into it, so seeing people respond to it is amazing. The year ahead will mainly revolve around us playing our music out to as many people as possible!

Thank you to Flawes for taking their time out of their day to answer our questions! Make sure you keep an eye on all their social media accounts to see what else is in store for the band; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. ‘Highlights’ will be out on the 31st January and will be available on Spotify…It’s an album you don’t want to miss!

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