California’s Allen French covers Frankie Knuckles’ ‘The Whistle Song’ for House Kitsuné America!

Allen French has covered ‘The Whistle Song’ for the album ‘House Kitsuné America’.

The 90s House-inspired compilation features Mija, Baltra, Warner Case, jarradcleofé, and more.

Iconic French label Kitsuné continue to pack a potential punch with ‘House Kitsuné America’, a brand new 6 track compilation featuring a clutch of hotly tipped, captivating stateside producers on the rise. 90s House Music has always been a huge inspiration for Kitsuné Musique, influencing the club-culture roots the brand personifies till this day. Maison Kitsuné’s latest 2019 Fall / Winter collection paid a distinct homage to this era and Kitsuné Musique decided to dedicate the label’s annual American focused compilation as a celebration to this golden era.  

Established in 2012, featuring a then-unknown Childish Gambino, the Kitsuné America Compilation series aims to take a fresh look at the North American music scene and the House Kitsuné America is one very special edition. The brief was simple, Kitsuné Musique asked promising North American artists and producers to cover a classic 90’s house track of their choice and the end product has been nothing short of spectacular. 

House Kitsuné America, a timeless tribute to the compilations of the past, gathers a selection of 6 covers that fits perfectly on vinyl, celebrating the format loved and used by DJs at the time.

‘The Whistle Song’ is very club-oriented and has that house vibe to it. I love the beat to it and as the song begins it has all different kind of tempos as it starts and then in the middle it has the higher tempo, perfect for the DJ’S so put their touch on it also.

The track list is as follows:

1. jarradcleofé – Needin’ U

2. Mija – Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)

3. Allen French – The Whistle Song

4. Firstworld – Groove Is in the Heart

5. Warner Case – Can You Feel It

6. Baltra – Promised Land

hear Allen’s version of ‘The Whistle Song’ here:

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