Lavengro are a five-piece pop band based in Derry, Northern Ireland, comprising Gareth Borrow (vocals), Dave Healy (guitar), Emmet McDaid (bass) Jack Kyle (keys, synth, rhythm guitar) and James Healy (Drums).

Amy got the chance to speak to Lavengro about their upcoming shows with Alstar and their new single, ‘Love Me’.

Hi boys, Thank you for talking to Essentially Pop today, how are you?

Hi Amy!

Thanks very much for chatting to us, it’s going absolutely brilliant, been a hectic few months preparing our EP and we’re absolutely flat to the mat but it’s so worth it.

For those who don’t know you, tell me one thing about each of you?

Gareth: I love the sound of a hairdryer – I use it to go to sleep every night.

James: I’m obsessed with travelling, I have itchy feet I can’t settle anywhere but have a huge phobia of flying.

Jack: I love funky socks, you’ll catch me wearing some fried up socks on a day to day basis.

Dave: I love buying hoodies I have a massive collection of hoodies – The hoodie king.

Emmet: I can name every Capital City in the world!

When did Lavengro form as a band?

We formed as a band around 5 years ago. Growing up together and in college together we all decided to form a band.

What has been your favourite place to perform in terms of shows?

Manchester was unreal .  But hands down best gig to date was Falls Park in Belfast supporting BoyZone, playing to over 15,000 people makes you feel like you’re on top of the world.

What would you say your favourite memory of being a band is?

The best memory has to be selling out our hometown show in The Nerve Centre, Derry. We had a very special person come to see us at this gig which led to us being signed to a major agency, Paradigm.

What is each of your favourite thing about being a band?

Gareth: Travelling, being away with the lads, getting to see different places.

James: Songwriting and travelling with the boys.

Jack: Travelling & playing live with my bros.

Dave: Travelling with my best mates and being on the stage giving her socks.

Emmet: Rocking it out on stage and seeing the world with my boys.

Where would be your dream place to perform? 

Gareth: Very modest… SSE Arena, Belfast – formerly known as Odyssey Arena (This has been a dream of mine since I was a kid, Biggest venue in Northern Ireland).

James: Wembley Arena.

Jack: Wembley Arena.

Dave: Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland – this venue is the reason I started music after seeing Red Hot Chili Peppers on my 16th birthday.

Emmet: Sold out Wembley Arena.

‘Love Me’ your new single, how was the release of your new single, what was the reaction to it?

The reaction has been amazing everyone just seems to like the track they can’t get enough but we love writing catchy songs and we’ll continue to do that.

What was the message behind ‘Love Me’?

The song was written about love not working out when you are very young, but always having that longing feeling for that same person and hoping that it will all work out in the end.

What were you most excited about releasing a single?

We were most excited about the reaction , which was amazing, we play for the people, we write for the people and seeing everyone love a track as much as we do is the reason we do this thing in the first place , the best feeling in the world.

What are the goals you want to achieve in terms of releasing the single?

The main goal is to release a song and for it to chart at number 1 – that’s the main goal. But we’re growing and we want to eventually get there . But for the meantime, we just want to grow a following and get loads of Spotify streams.

Can you tell me a bit about the recording/writing process of ‘Love Me’?

We recorded the track in London a few months ago with a team of top producers it’s amazing the way those guys work,  they’ve all worked with all major artists so the experience alone was amazing and we’ll be working with the same team in the future.

What are each of your favourite lyrics from ‘Love Me?’

All: Easy on my lungs as they decompress – We love this lyric as its just simply beautiful and it took all of us about 3 hours to write this one phrase. So we were so proud when we finalised with this.

How long did it take to come up with ‘Love Me’?

It was written and finalised in one day – the song came out of nowhere we were on a roll while writing it and we were so proud.

What do you describe your style as?

Upbeat pop perfection.

Is ‘Love Me’ very different from your previous releases and how?

‘Love Me’ has a different kind of sound to our other releases – a more sophisticated sound.  This is an indication of where we want to be and we will continue to release songs within the same style.

I know you are performing at the Alstar tour, how excited are you for that?

We are absolutely buzzing, we can’t wait to get back over the water again and to meet all the people who are coming to the gig and hopefully make some new fans for life.

What shows out of the tour are you performing for Alstar?

We are doing the Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester and Nuneaton shows, can’t wait!

Have you got any more shows in the works?

We have a potential amount of gigs coming up, can’t say much at the minute 

Proudest moment in 2019?

Can’t decide between getting signed to Paradigm and playing to over 15,000 people both massive milestones in our career.

Plans for 2020?

More tunes, more gigs and a lot more of our bakes on your news feeds, can’t wait to share it all with you in 2020 x

Catch Lavengro at Alstar Music live. Tickets are available here.

Hear more from Lavengro on Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


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