Aaron Carpenter’s New Single ‘Proud’ Is Out Now!

The stunning new single by the talented Aaron Carpenter, ‘Proud’ is now available to stream through all major streaming sites! This is a single you don’t want to miss to click here to have a listen.

‘Proud’ celebrates the positive influence of the family and friends the 20-year-old singer surrounds himself with. It is likely to pull on a few heartstring however as Aaron explains that his family experienced tragedy after losing his step brother and step dad. The song is all about wanting to make them proud. With the songs deep meaning and beautiful vocals, it might be wise to grab some tissue before the first listen.

Aaron explains that:

“‘Proud’ perfectly describes what I’ve felt since I moved to L.A. on my own, away from all of my family – after everything that we’ve been through. In 2015, I lost both my stepbrother and stepdad. They were both such big supporters and motivators of me pursuing my passion along with the rest of my family. I hope that ‘Proud’ resonates and helps people the same way that it’s helped me!”

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