Pop/Dance Chat Dominator Allegra Stars In YouTuber Kurt Hugo Schneider’s Selena Gomez Cover ‘Loose You To Love Me’

It’s round two for ‘All About Us’ singer Allegra and mega internet influencer Kurt Hugo Schneider, as the dynamic duo return to put their sonic spin of Selena Gomez single ‘Loose You To Love Me’.

With the pair having put their stamp on Taylor Swift’s title track ‘Lover’ earlier this year, the continuation of cover songs continues for Allegra and Schneider. Allegra, an up and coming pop superstar has shot to chart topping success with her debut breakout song ‘All About Us’.

Schneider, a social media sensation and talented music producer has garnered over a staggering 12 million subscribers on digital platform YouTube, sharing videos that see Kurt remaking hit pop tracks without having ever heard them before to simply utilising his musical flexibility to cover classic songs in current circulation in the mainstream music industry. Now, Allegra and Kurt Hugo Schneider have reunited once more to rework a Selena Gomez song in their very own style.

Recruiting American singer-songwriter Sam Tsui to join the group for the reimagined version of ‘Too Much To Love Me’, the video sees Allegra, Kurt and Sam perched upon various instruments as they sing their way through the song with such strong conviction and burning passion.

Whilst Schneider may have mass social outreach and Tsui having undeniable talent in the singing field, it’s this rising star Allegra who steals the show. With her captivating presence and vocals to match, this is the star quality Allegra obtains which has seen her peak on Music Week/Billboard music charts and star in such viral videos like this latest edition.

Watch the video for the ‘Loose You To Love Me’ cover below.

Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me (cover)

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