Looking Back on the Top Trends of 2019

Do you think you’re in the know? These trending topics will have you thinking twice. From denim becoming the new fad to big-budget Disney films, there’s much to remember. But don’t worry, I’ll catch you up on all of the top trends of 2019. Now let’s take a look at some of the most popular trends:

Top Trending Games

One game that recently became trendy for interactive dates and team-building exercises is an Escape Room. The fun and the sometimes mysterious game became popular in 2010 but saw a rise in popularity due to the growing challenges and creative themes.

TV shows like ‘2 Broke Girls’, ‘The Big Bang Theory’, and ‘Conan’ aired an episode of the characters visiting an escape room. These shows who have large TV audiences helped create the buzz that escape rooms have today. In January 2019, a horror movie titled ‘Escape Room’ was released, by its production, the movie alone testifies to how successful escape rooms have become.

Fashion’s Top Trends of 2019

Athleisure has become trendy for its comfortable leggings and breathable tops. However, in 2019, a different market started to form: denim.

People of all ages started to sport jeans, denim jackets, and even denim skirts. Due to its versatility and creative style, jeans sales have increased by 79%.

Specifically, Millennials are attracted to vintage denim. It’s lead companies to create lines like Levi’s Authorized Vintage Collection, making vintage denim one of the biggest trends in fashion.

Biggest Movie Moments

Disney remakes have caused quite a lot of controversy. The studio released four remakes in 2019.

Some call the studio unoriginal and uninspired while others applaud the films for their digital brilliance. However, Disney is cashing in over 7 billion by digitalizing their earlier films.

The remakes themselves are preforming better than the original films ever did. If one thing is for sure, it’s that Disney remakes have provided 2019 with a never-ending source of family entertainment.

Most Popular Celebrity News

After getting married to Prince Harry in 2018, Megan Markel welcomed a child in the spring. Named Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor, his birth was anything but traditional for a royal.

Both Harry and Megan wanted to keep their baby out of the spotlight, so limited details were released about the baby’s birth. The tabloids erupted into chaos, spinning rumour after rumour about Megan’s birth details and how the baby will affect the monarchy.

Once Archie was born, the press went into a frenzy once more, until the first official photograph was taken. However, the birth of baby Archie was one of the most exciting times of the year!

Final Thoughts

All in all, the top trends of 2019 evolved differently than in recent years. From vintage denim to classic Disney movies, Americans started to commemorate past trends in their daily life.

Even escape rooms started to pop up on lists for fun date night activities and team-building exercises. If you want to pay homage to 2019’s love for nostalgic activities, contact us on our blog.

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