Klaus Blatter Announces December 2019 Live Appearances At The Berghain In Berlin, And Also London’s Corsica Studios

Klaus Blatter has recently announced that he will be performing at the legendary venue Berghain Club in Berlin on December 4th, shortly followed by another live show in London on December 19th, at Corsica Studios, Elephant & Castle. Not only that, but the Prins Thomas remix for his latest single ‘Space Girl’ is available to stream now!

‘Space Girl’ was co-produced by Danny Rampling and Steve Mac alongside remixes by Todd Terry and Prins Thomas. It is absolutely impossible to stay sitting still whilst listening to this track! Talking of the song himself, Klaus states,

“Space Girl is a song about a beautiful young lady I once knew who I was infatuated with, when, as a youth, I opened the legendary Technosphere Club in the city of Dortmund on the industrial Rhine. She had no time for me initially, but I pursued her with zeal and made her my lover. Unfortunately, her young life was cut short when she tragically drowned in the lake. Sometimes when I walk along the banks of those cold, frozen waters, dusted in shimmering moonlight, I look up to the stars and believe I can hear my beloved Clara calling me: ‘Klaus..’ she is for saying, ‘there will never be another like you, my darling Klaus…’ Then I laugh at my childish sentiment. Ha! “

Klaus has definitely been hidden in the shadows over the years. He has been a pivotal influence on the development of electronic music yet, he never seems to get the recognition he deserves making him a hidden treasure in the music world.

He recently made his comeback appearance at Glastonbury Festival over the summer and has plans to do a UK tour in the future. For more information of what’s to come, be sure to check out his Twitter for more announcements.

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