Ash Adams is a singer/songwriter from Oxford in England. He is currently living in Australia and whilst there, is promoting his music, as well as performing. Ash has a new song coming out on the 6th December, called ‘Nothing’.

Amy got to speak to Ash about his time in Australia, his new single release, and plans for 2020.

Hi Ash, thank you for talking to Essentially Pop today, how are you?

No problem, thank you for having me! I’m very well thank you, I hope you’re good too.

You are currently in Australia, what are you doing out there and are you enjoying it?

Yes! I’m here with my girlfriend, we’ve recently moved into an apartment in the Gold Coast and we’re loving it! I’m currently just playing as many shows as I possibly can, turning up to every open mic night I can get to and trying to get my music out to as many people as I can over here. Absolutely loving it!

How long are you in Australia for?

I’m here until August 2020! We’re here on Working Holiday Visas so unfortunately only here for 12 months.

Your brand new single ‘Nothing’ is coming out on December 6, how excited are you for that?

Very excited! It’s been a little while since I released a single so I can’t wait for everybody to hear the track.

is ‘Nothing’ written from personal experiences?

I guess, yes and no, it’s not personal about me or my relationship. But it’s definitely something I’ve witnessed other people go through, so I guess it stems from seeing other people’s experiences.

Tell me a bit about the writing/recording process?

With this song it all happened very fast, and kind of unexpectedly! I was rehearsing for a show over here, and the chords and melody for the chorus just came out! Out of nowhere I suddenly had a chorus that I really liked. And I kind of took it from there, I wrote the verses and everything in about 10 minutes. I managed to record everything within about half an hour and then headed off to play a show! So, all in all, it took less than an hour. These kind of songs are always my favourite, the songs that just arrive in your life one day. It’s definitely true that songwriting comes in waves.

What is the message behind this song?

I guess the message is to know when to let go. This song is about feeling rejected by someone that you love, and kind of being mistreated or mislead. So I think the message is definitely to know when to let go.

Is ‘Nothing’ different from previous releases?

Very different! My last few releases have been pretty happy songs, not always upbeat in terms of tempo but all relatively happy songs. I’ve always floated towards sad songs and felt more comfortable writing sad songs but I’ve been so happy the last couple of years that I’ve really had nothing sad to write about.

Will there be a music video for this song?

Possibly, I’m not 100% sure. Being in Australia with no management or anything around me makes it difficult to get that sort of thing properly done. But I have a few contacts in the UK that might be able to help me out, so we’ll see!

What are you most excited for about releasing ‘Nothing.’

Seeing people’s reactions is always something I look forward to on release day. I’ve put up a few sneak peeks on my socials and I don’t think I’ve ever had such a reaction to it. I’ve had tonnes of people responding to asking for the full version. So yeah, seeing what people think of it is always fun.

Are you able to give us a sneak peek of your favourite lyric from the song?

My favourite lyric would probably be… “If love is a gift can I have one? Cause I don’t feel nothing at all”

What are you most proud of in 2019?

Great question… I think coming over here to Australia! Personally, it was a pretty big move. I’ve always said I wanted to do it but never really gone through with it. Leaving all my family behind for a whole year wasn’t easy.

what is coming up for you in 2020?

More music early next year.. and then tonnes and tonnes of shows out here in Australia! I’m gonna play as many shows as humanly possible over here, and then head home to the U.K. and relax for a bit. And then back to playing more shows in England and hopefully Europe!

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