Enigmatic Giulia, Star Of ‘Trippin’, Teases New Music As She Travels To New York

Italian enigma Giulia, star of her ‘Trippin’ release, has teased new music in the works as she travels to New York.

Giulia, who has wowed critics and fans alike with the video and track ‘Trippin’ (first in a trilogy of releases), is now teasing the release of future music on her Instagram, as the Italian enigma travels to New York for important and mysterious meetings in the industry…

The star is no stranger to mystery. Her debut release dropped seemingly out of nowhere. It immediately blew up the dance charts, with its ethereal, lazy and somewhat sensual sound, garnering it many alternative remixes from experts in the industry. The accompanying video is similarly inexplicable, with Giulia seen flying through space on a mission known only to her. It’s a beautifully bizarre piece of cinema, and one which deserves a follow-up.

And that is what we are getting! With ‘Trippin’ being the first in a trilogy of releases and rumours of more music on the horizon, keep your eyes peeled for more news from this Italian enigma…

Watch the video for Trippin’ down below:

Trippin (pt1 of video trilogy)

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