‘Bunny & Monique’ By Hunting Memories Is The Diary Of An Art School Dropout

‘Bunny & Monique’ is an interesting piece, to say the least. Coming from ‘Hunting Memories’, the album named for the nom de plume of visual artist Tahiti Pehrson, the song is a languid vocal overtop of an upbeat and frantic instrumental.

Overall ‘Bunny & Monique’ is fun and appealing, with a style reminding us of earlier artists such as Talking Heads, and Devo. Effectively it’s a stream of consciousness storming towards us at 33RPM, thoughts pouring out of Pehrson’s mind. The track comes from the self-titled long player, ‘Hunting Memories’, which is set for release on 20 December, and it’s certainly worth a few listens right through, as Pehrson rambles – almost incoherently – about a Christmas party where he seems to be pursuing Bunny (or is it Monique?). But the pair seem to be involved with each other…it’s confusing but it effectively conveys the snippets of conversation you can pick up in a crowded room where the music is just that little bit too loud…

The song, like the rest of the album, was recorded in dribs and drabs, in a haphazard manner, first takes often used, giving it a real life effect. It’s not over-produced, it feels homey, real.

Visual Artist Tahiti Pehrson has created a set of songs that are captivating in their storytelling and truly unique in their presentation. There is an unguarded rawness and insight in these songs that is genuine and rare.

‘Hunting Memories’ is set for release on December 20. You can find Hunting Memories online on Instagram, Facebook, and his  Official Website.

Listen to ‘Bunny & Monique’ here:

You can watch a preview of ‘Hunting Memories’ the album on YouTube.

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