Kofi, Son Of Ginger Baker, Speaks About His Loss And Father’s Legacy

Currently on tour with The Music Of Cream, which also includes members of the Cream family, Malcolm Bruce (son of Jack) and Will Johns (nephew of Eric Clapton), celebrating 50 years of Cream, Kofi Baker says the critical decision was taken that the show must go on. Kofi had known of the critical nature of his father’s illness, but will honour his commitments to the rest of the tour, before returning to the US where he will join his family in mourning his father.

Kofi, who like his father plays drums in the band, said,

“The other day I had a beautiful visit with my dad…we talked about memories and music and he’s happy that I’m keeping his legacy alive. Our relationship was mended and he was in a peaceful place.  Thank you all for the kind messages and thoughts. I love my dad and will miss him always.”

The other members of the band also issued statements:

“I have really fond memories of Ginger. When I was a kid, he would play games with me and was always a lot of fun when I would see him at Eric’s house. I can remember always asking Pattie, ‘where’s Ginger, where’s Ginger??’ He was cool and I loved him.” – Will Johns, guitarist and vocalist

Malcolm Bruce, on bass and vocals adds:

“Much love and peace to Ginger’s family and respect to him. He leaves an incredible and innovative legacy. He always explored across the boundaries of creativity, collaborating with musicians from other cultures before the term ‘world music’ was adopted by others, and had a truly musical ability and a natural sense of what was true and beautiful. Rest in peace. It has been an honour to know you!”

The members of The Music Of Cream look forward to continuing their celebration of the extraordinary music and legacy created by Ginger and their family members. On the tour they perform songs such as ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’, ‘Crossroads’, ‘Spoonful’, and White Room’, as well as share personal stories and footage of their fathers and mentors throughout their extensive live show. The Music Of Cream are currently midway through their UK tour.

Find out more about The Music Of Cream from their official website.

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