Wallis Bird – ‘Woman’

Wallis Bird has never really been backward in coming forward over her last five albums but in today’s release, ‘Woman’, she steps firmly into the social and political issues of the last few years.

In an album that feels like it moves seamlessly from track to track, Wallis writes about subjects like the  #metoo and Black Lives Matter movements, the repeal of Ireland’s constitutional amendment banning abortion, marriage equality initiatives in Australia and climate change.

‘Woman’ really does seem like a completely different level in the artist’s songwriting and certainly doesn’t shy away from addressing the world as she sees it in 2019. It really is a woman’s perspective on current issues and deepens with every listen. The inherent honesty invested in every word lives long in the soul and its thirty seven minutes is certainly an emotionally charged experience.

The album feels polished and there’s obviously been real time spent on the lyrics, instrumentation and production when compared with past work. Wallis will spend Autumn and Winter touring Europe after a Summer tour of the US and it will be incredible to see how this release can be transferred to the live medium.

If you are looking for escapist fluff this is not a release for you although it has clever songwriting and catchy hooks set in a melodic landscape. However, if you want music that goes deeper and offers social commentary and lyrical prowess, look no further.

‘Woman’, by Wallis Bird, is out today, 27 September, on gatefold vinyl, CD, and digital download here. Find out more about Wallis Bird on her official website.

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