Talented Duo Hey Major Releases Brand New Single ‘The Station’

Two multi-instrumentalist brothers –  Mickaël and Raphaël Fortin – have recently released the easy to listen to single ’The Station’.

Hey Major – who were formerly known as Orange O Clock – describe their sound as “elegant rock”. They combine their rock influences together to create their own unique sound. If you’re a rock fan and enjoy the likes of; David Bowie, Arcade Fire, and The Beatles, why not try something new and stream Hey Major’s new single ‘The Station’ on Spotify now?

The song can be described as a moment between two people who know that they will never be together, despite what they could have been – a feeling I’m sure we can all relate to. The song has a very chilled out vibe and it’s something that you would want to listen to if you want to relax.

If you enjoyed the single after listening and want more, don’t panic! Hey Major have finished their debut album that is due to come out later in the year. Not only that, but they also have two other singles “Brother” and “Goldfellas” available to stream now.

For information on when the album is going to be released, follow Hey Major on Facebook and Instagram. Check out their music video of The Station’:

Hey Major - The Station (Official Video)

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