Stefy De Cicco & Wasback Release Vocal Delight ‘Fences’

Releasing her new record through Universal Music this week is the impressive Stefy De Cicco, who signed with the label a while back. After the runaway success of ‘Life Is One’ with fellow female Ludovica Pagani at the end of 2020, she showcases ‘Fences,’ a track written alongside progressive producer Wasback. 

Joined by Sam Tinnesz, a hugely successful vocalist in his own right, ‘Fences’ is a stirring, melodically powerful listen that is ideal for both home and club listening. Wasback speaks of their project, saying:

“When I started the song I was together with my manager in Los Angeles, we were really happy to start working with a singer like Sam Tinnesz. We discovered his voice through some Netflix series, so I decided to try and make a track with him and mix our styles. On my way back to Italy, I met Stefy De Cicco for the first time and we realised we are both producers… was really happy to tell them I had Sam as the track’s singer, and we just jumped into the studio together. ‘Fences’ is the result!”

Check this epic single out below.

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