Sal The Musician – ‘Strawberry’

Dropping out of business school and heading to Ireland in 2018, Sal the Musician went in search of his artistic and musical dream. Less than a year on, he is now well on the way to carving out a unique sound ahead of his debut EP, ‘Art is Creation’, in 2020.

After two successful singles, Sal created ‘Greg’, a sex-addicted accountant living in the 80’s and made him the subject of latest single ‘Strawberry’. Niche, I’ll say, yet the track makes easy listening for all by turning a potentially difficult subject on it’s head, choosing to write about it in a way others may not, in a style we would expect from Morrissey or, more recently, Courtney Barnett.

With succinct lyrics, “I feel so much power/when we do it for hours/for the craving that’s ours”, offering insight into Greg’s mind and also that of his sexual partner’s, love or not, they come together to help each other but also seem to reach out for help as they fluctuate between satisfaction and desperation.

It’s an interesting idea for an artist so early in their career to delve into such complex song-writing narrative and will be interesting to see how far Sal takes ‘Greg’ or whether he was just a one-time fling.

Aside from the interesting subject matter, it’s a strong guitar/piano tune and above all else a catchy, strangely uplifting tune sure to be stuck in your head for days, demonstrating Sal’s versatility as a musician when listened in comparison to his previous records.

Who we will be talking about more in the coming years, Sal or ‘Greg’, remains to be seen, but what is most certain is Sal has many more radical ideas to come.

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