Olympia’s Fantastic ‘Flamingo’ World Tour Kicks off in the UK!

Aussie singer Olympia – who has recently released her brand-new album ‘Flamingo’ at the beginning of the summer – begins her world tour this week starting on the 10th September in London.

The fabulous 11 track pop album ‘Flamingo’ shows the extremely talented singer at her very best.

Everything about the album can only be described as perfection, from the lyrics, to the vocals, all the way to the production. It is a strong follow up album from her debut ‘Self Talk’ which proved to be a huge success. ‘Self Talk’ was nominated for a variety of awards including an ARIA, J Award for Best Video, and shortlisted in the Australian Music Prize.

Olympia, real name Olivia Bartly, says:

“The record explores how grief and desire are intertwined. It’s referencing a personal tragedy – the addiction and loss of someone very close to me. But it’s not a project of catharsis – I chose to submit myself to this experience because I wanted to create from inside it, rather than explaining it. I’ve tried to borrow from my own grief to create its inverse: something joyous. Something beyond myself, something fantastic -something new.”

“It’s the most personal I’ve ever been, but also the most confident. This album is a force.”

Olympia’s international tour kicks off in London on the 10th September and ends in Brisbane on the 25th October. For more information, be sure to visit her website and follow her social media accounts: Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

Olympia - Shoot To Forget

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