Indie Rock Band The 27 Talk All About New Music Video ‘Run’, Being Recognised By Beyoncé and What’s The Next Steps For The 27

Polly Havelock spoke to Henry Parker from indie-rock trio The 27 to discuss everything about their debut album and their sonic evolution as a band.

The 27 Band, Henry Parker, London, 21/06/2019

Hi Henry! Could you summarise who The 27 are for those unaware of your music?

Well, we are an indie-rock band who focus on 3 part harmonies.

You recently released a new track, ‘Run’. How did this song come to fruition? 

It was recorded and mixed in LA, the music was written in the UK along with some of the lyrics. The rest of the lyrics were finished as the instrumental was being recorded.

Alongside the track, an accompanying music video for ‘Run’ was dropped not too long ago. What was the process like shooting for the video?

The 27 - Run

It was a lot of fun. The director Steve Glashier really got the feeling of the track and understood the direction and mood. Therefor I didn’t have to worry to much on the day, just do what I was told.

The video itself offers a deep insight into the mind of Henry Parker. Was it easy portraying your ideas and visions into the music video?

Well I’m glad you noticed. With regards to the video you have to give the director Steve some credit, he had a really good concept which wasn’t a literal interpretation of the lyrics. Instead he captured the mood, mindset and feeling of detachment which they (attempt) to invoke. I’m not an actor so bringing that feeling to the camera was all his direction and also the other people involved.

Looking forward to more music, you recently landed back from being out in LA recording new material. What was it like making music out in America?

It was great, I could do it everyday for the rest of my life and be very happy.

The last time you were out in the States you caught the ear of none other than Beyoncé herself. Does it ever feel surreal when other artists in the industry recognise your music?

Yes it does, I think its differs a bit in terms of how important the artist is to you and your inspiration. I don’t feel I could ever get really used to it though.

As a band your sound is somewhat reminiscent of 60’s west coast bands, heavily working in sumptuous harmonies and crackling guitar lines. Do you think your music has evolved and changed ever since the band started out?

Yes it has, particularly in the production and the instrumentation of the instrumental tracks. When we first started the idea was just to have a track that was identical to our live set up, 2 guitars, drums and bass. Most of the early recordings were also done live. Now we play about with synths and put a lot more effects on the drums to get a much bigger spacier sound. The harmonies and vocals have always been the same. No autotune and minimal effects. The harmonies are normally tracked with the three of us round one mic.

Following on from who your sound is influenced by, who are you currently listening to that you think could have an impact on new The 27 music?

Post Malone and The 1975. They are both doing interesting things with regards to synths and guitars.

Your debut album is currently in the works. What can fans expect to hear from the upcoming record?

Well more of all the aforementioned. Lots of harmonies and guitars.

Finally, what’s generally the next steps for The 27? New music, touring, downtime?

I think new music is actually on the cards at the moment. Probably a bit of downtime in between, but if anything comes in, that will go straight out the window.

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