Manchester-based trio NXTGEN is back with another sublime pop tune. The band who consist of Cian Gleeson, Joel Healey and Sonny Hardman shot to fame on the ITV talent show, The Voice. ‘I Don’t Know How to Dance’ is the follow up to their previous single ‘Embrace’ which was released earlier this year.

‘I Don’t Know How to Dance’ is another galvanising produced track. The result is a catchy dose of dance-pop. According to the band, the anecdote behind the song is how they struggled with the choreography whilst on the show. This is referenced in the song with self-deprecating lyrics like “I don’t know how to cha cha” which are almost sung like a chant before leaping into the “So, help me out!” pre-chorus. as a producer has put his stamp on the song. Vocal trickery, a simple looped melody, and playful lyrics make it sound like a British-sounding Black Eyed Peas track. It is a perfect song to kiss goodbye to the summer with. The boys sound edgy on the track, with a vocal performance overflowing with personality.

Additionally, the guest vocal from singer Jessica Reynoso is indeed a highlight on the track.

The video for the single shows the band not taking themselves too seriously. A fresh approach in a world of pop perfection, the trio look as though they are, dare I say it, enjoying themselves. NXTGEN are in good hands as the Grammy-winner has officially taken them under his wing. If ‘I Don’t Know How To Dance’ has anything to do it, these northern lads are certainly heading for incredible pop heights.

‘I Don’t Know How to Dance’ is out now and can be streamed and downloaded here. You can find NXTGEN online on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube.

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