Ex-Miss England, Natasha Hemmings’ Song ‘Summer Shores’ Is The Antidote To Fast Paced Modern Life

‘Summer Shores’ is the antidote to fast-paced modern life. As we sink towards the winter months when the temptation to isolate yourself in your house in the dark is strong, ex-Miss England, Natasha Hemmings’ beautiful reworked classical piece reminds us to take a deep breath and be appreciative for the things that we have.

It’s a beautiful video to accompany this extremely tranquil song, featuring Natasha wandering the beach with her loved one and singing into the camera with her mesmeric eye contact unwavering. The song speaks of a love born in the summertime and holding that feeling of whiling away the day and relaxing in your lover’s company even when the pace of life picks up.

Natasha Hemmings has had a roundabout route to classical music. Despite this, it’s always been at the very heart of her being and what she knew she would always come back to. Having learnt violin and piano and taken vocal lessons from a very young age, Natasha veered towards English Literature and poetry studies in her teenage years, studying at the University of Nottingham. She was swayed once again to compete in the Miss Cheshire beauty pageant once she researched it to find that there was an emphasis on health, fitness, confidence-building and making friends, as well as lots of charity work.

A jack of all trades, Hemmings won the pageant and went on to compete in Miss England and then in Miss World in China. Her childhood passion for music was reawoken as a result of the positive feedback she got for her singing in the talent round, and thus the seeds were sown.

Back home, Hemmings worked on writing. Combining her background in poetry and her love of classical music, Hemmings decided to rework classical pieces by adding in her own lyrics and harmonies while keeping the integrity of these pieces intact.

“I didn’t want to create naff pop versions of these masterpieces,” says Hemmings of her album of reworked classical pieces, ‘Whispers’, “I just wanted to embellish their natural beauty with a fresh twist.”

‘Summer Shores’ is the first example we have of Natasha doing exactly that, adding her own vocals and lyrics over the top of guitar accompaniment by the legendary Jose Feliciano. Harmonies and backing vocals were provided by the lead singer of Irish band Clannad, and Enya’s sister, Moya Brennan. The album as a whole reads like a melding of like-minded talents, all the while keeping this English beauty’s stunning vocals and mindful intention at the centre of this exciting new project.

Watch the beautiful video for ‘Summer Shores’ down below!

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