The extremely talented singer/songwriter AU/RA has just released her stunning new single ‘Stay Happy’. The track is now available to watch on her Youtube channel.

The song was inspired by the grey feeling that AU/RA was experiencing whilst in the writing process. She explains that this feeling was not happy yet not sad either. A feeling which everyone feels yet nobody knows how to explain it. However, the Ibiza born singer managed perfectly explain what it’s like to experience this particular emotion. She explains:

“I wrote Stay Happy while I was feeling very grey – not sad, not happy, just a strange middle neutral feeling. I questioned what it means to be happy and the lyrics started flowing and didn’t stop. In our society we’re taught to conceal our sadness, as though it is bad – but how are you supposed to know the good without it? Through the process of writing this song, I started understanding I should just embrace those feelings, and not pressure myself to put up a happy facade.”

The very raw lyrics mixed with AU/RA’s enchanting vocals creates the perfect blend, making ‘Stay Happy’ one of the most relatable songs you will hear this year. This isn’t the first time the songstress has released such a touching song. Her summer hit ‘Panic Room’ has reached an impressive 80 million streams which talks about her experiences with dealing with anxiety, as well as ‘Emoji’ which discusses the difficulties this society has at communicating in the digital age. As she writes about such hard topics, this makes her one of the most honest singers you will hear in today’s music industry.

For more information about AU/RA’s upcoming releases, be sure to follow her on her social media accounts; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And make sure you give ‘Stay Happy’ a listen. It will be the best decision you make all day!

Au/Ra - Stay Happy (Lyric Video)

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