Bloom de Wilde All Set to Release Her New Album ‘The Heart Shall be Rewarded by the Universe’

Bloom de Wilde is one of the most unique and talented artists you will ever listen to. She is ready to release her stunning new album “The Heart Shall be Rewarded by the Universe” on the 12th of June – and it’s something that everyone should listen to!

Bloom de Wilde is a multi-talented musician, producer, and songwriter. Her songs express true creativity and experimentation that many artists are too afraid to do – and boy was it worth the risk! The album includes some beautiful tracks including, ‘Rock, Plant & Animal’, which gives off a spiritual vibe and is sure to put you into a good headspace. 

The tracklisting also includes ‘Pale Moon, Golden Light’ – the simplicity of this song is just so flawless. A simple piano melody with Bloom de Wilde’s pitch-perfect vocals on top creates the most divine sound you will ever hear! Other tracks also include; ‘Animal Spirit’, ‘Do & Be’, and ‘Atlas Cassandra’ – all of them just as good as the last. Truly an album you don’t want to miss. You can now place your pre-order by visiting here

Bloom’s music can be described as majestic, heavenly, and…maybe a little odd? But absolutely genius nonetheless! Be sure to follow Bloom de Wilde’s FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more details on the album. 

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