HiJak – ‘Hola Bonita’

With influences including Biggie Smalls and Wyclef Jean, HiJak is an absolute hook master, with his bilingual new song ‘Hola Bonita’ a track which can be dedicated to your love.

With his sound having its roots in the reggaetón vibes of the Spanish Caribbean, it’s a dance track whose rhythms will get your booty shaking, while HiJak’s catchy vocals will have you singing along.

The video for ‘Hola Bonita’ shows HiJak dressing into a swathe of fluorescent outfits, with downtown Orlando behind him. He uses the clip to show off his cool threads, as well as the Bonita who’s the focus of the song. It’s got a hot, trendy nightclub vibe, with HiJak and his lady absolutely pop underneath the glimmering bright lights, inviting anyone who listens to join them.

Check out HiJak on his official website. You can watch the official video for ‘Hola Bonita’ below.

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