Austrian Singer KTEE Releases Her Bouncy New Single ‘Rich’

Despite the title, KTEE’s new single ‘Rich’ isn’t about money and owning expensive jewellery but rather the opposite. The song celebrates the singer’s moments of happiness and realizing that being rich can have a variety of meanings. In short, money doesn’t buy happiness.

The track will instantly lift any bad mood and it’s impossible not to tap your foot to it. With its uplifting sound paired with its inspirational lyrics, the song is perfect for long road trips and wanting to live your best life.

KTEE had started singing when she was just a small child. From here, she spent countless hours perfecting her voice. Her parents had encouraged her to go to university in Vienna in order to gain a “proper career”. Not long after the move, she successfully qualified for ‘The Voice’ where she began her singing career.

She discovered her passion for song writing after living abroad in Ireland. During this time, she felt the urge to try and make it big in the music industry. She explains:

“It took some time until I found my place in the world of music, but I never stopped following my dream and now I am more than happy to share who I am with the rest of the world.”

Her powerful debut single ‘Rock Your Life’ was released back in 2016 followed by ‘Rollercoaster’ which became the semi-finalist of the International Song writing Competition in 2017. Her song ‘Melody’ also became a semi-finalist in the same competition earlier this year.

‘Rich’ is available to stream on all streaming platforms from the 26th July. In the meantime, check out her other songs now available on Spotify and through her website. Also follow all her social media accounts for more updates; Facebook, Youtube, Instagram.

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