Netflix’s First Original Animated Film KLAUS – Coming This Holiday Season

New still debuts from the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, for Netflix’s first animated film, ‘Klaus’.

Klaus is Netflix’s first original animated film.

The movie is a passion project for Despicable Me co-creator Sergio Pablos, who first came up with the idea for it in 2010.

Klaus was produced entirely in Madrid, Spain with a very international crew comprised of some of the most talented hand drawn artists from all over the world.

The film introduces a unique animation style which blends traditional hand drawn animation techniques with cutting edge technology.

The story of ‘Klaus’ revolves around a young, Scandinavian postman named Jesper, who gets the chance to make his mark when he’s tasked with bringing the postal service to a contentious village in the cold north It is here that he meets a mysterious, white-bearded toymaker named Klaus.

Jesper is voiced by Jason Schwartzman in the US voice cast, which also includes J.K. Simmons (Klaus), Rashida Jones (Alva), Joan Cusack (Mrs. Krum), Norm Macdonald (Mogens), Will Sasso (Mr. Ellingboe). Directed by Sergio Pablos, co-creator of Despicable Me, it’s been produced by Jinko Gotoh (The Little Prince, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part), Gustavo Ferrada, and Marisa Román. ‘Klaus’ will be coming to Netflix in the holiday season.

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