Indie Pop/RandB Artist Shelita Releases Highly Anticipated New Single ‘Religion!’

Award-winning Indie Pop/RnB artist Shelita has just released her highly anticipated new single ‘Religion!’ (from her soon to be released self-title debut album) to critical acclaim. Her rise to pop stardom is inspirational, going from a once depressed, suicidal and frustrated former foster youth, Shelita has overcome unbelievable obstacles and through her music is releasing her expressions of the triumphs of the human spirit.

Shelita’s unique vocal delivery evokes a strange beauty, as if she was channeling a blend of Bjork and Beyoncé to create an intimate yet powerful performance all her own. She made her first appearance in the pop urban music scene charting #14 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound Chart in February 2017.

Los Angeles born yet raised in Seattle, Shelita left for Europe to pursue her music career. Shelita has been a trailblazer in adopting new technologies, including blockchain, to show the world a new artist model that puts artists first. She is the archetype of what is possible for modern creatives. Through touring the world, she built a loyal fan base and has been leading as new artist movement that combines music and tech in innovative ways.


“This song has magic that only music can describe. I poured my whole being and heart into this one. Sometimes you are so in love with someone and it is a divine experience that takes you to a higher place that is hard to put into words, in this song I wanted to write and deliver something that captured that feeling.

I was so excited after I wrote this song that I called up some of my friends and played it for them over the phone and they kept saying that there was something about this song that just took them to a different place. One of those people I called was the person I wrote the song for and let’s just say wedding bells may be ringing soon… ”

The release of this single comes after having amassed over 20 million streams with her last EP, Special, and reaching #24 on Billboard. ‘Religion!’ is available worldwide through all major streaming services.

Listen to ‘Religion!’ from the upcoming debut album ‘Shelita’ available June 21, 2019.

You can find out more about Shelita online on her Website, InstagramTwitterFacebookSpotify, and YouTube.

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