Have You Got Music in Your Blood? What Kind?

Imagine watching a romantic music video – where there are two people deeply into each other, but also into two completely different music genres, and the incompatibility was just too much to handle, so it simply had to end.

Call it funny or lame, but that’s how much ‘your music’ can mean to you. Whether it’s just about passion and preference, or a music genre that you’re really building your life, and career upon, giving it up for anything or anyone isn’t something you can possibly think of doing – at any cost. You know, when they say, ‘music is life’, they mean exactly what they say.

What’s Your Type, and Why?

Are you one of those music freaks too? If so, what type are you really ‘into’?

Have you ever wondered how it all began, or if there was a beginning at all? How did you become interested in a certain genre of music? Has it got to do with science and the biological makeup of a person? Can there really be music in one’s blood? What does that even mean?

It Could Be Like Love, it ‘Just Happened’

A talent can certainly be taken after. If you have the electrifying guitarist in you, it could be because your grandad had it, too. But, your liking and interests for something have more to do with external factors and experiences as you go on with life. It certainly becomes a tough one to explain, though – your passion or craze for a particular genre. Sometimes, you are already a fan of one and you don’t even know it! It’s probably something to do with how you enjoy and respond to the flow of music, that’s made from one or a combination of instruments and somehow for you…. it ‘just clicks.’

Temporary Shifts to Satisfy

Remember how you suddenly went from your forever favorite Pop, all the way to Rock music or Reggae, hung on a while, then got back to the Pop? It can be bizarre, especially when Reggae had always made you feel restless and, as for Rock, you always thought it sounded like ruthless rants. But here’s how it works. It’s like Pop music has always been your ‘home’, while Rock, Reggae and the rest are the small places you like to visit once in a while.

While you can develop an intense love for a certain type of music for no real reason at all, you can be greatly influenced by factors around and within you, too, making you a tentative fan of a type of music you never really liked or even hated! These factors could be anything – personal experiences and encounters, constantly changing moods, situations, and occasions – anything at all!

Melodies and Memory Lanes

There is so much that can happen at different stages in your life. Some of these experiences could be positive, while others, negative. Either way, they can influence you and change your life entirely with the marks they leave behind.

Your interests in music can have so much to do with life experiences, mostly from the past. Music can awaken long forgotten emotions by bringing forth all that’s hidden in the deepest part of one’s heart. Isn’t that why older people turn to older melodies to fondly remember and reminisce days that are long gone?

Likewise, the reason you prefer a certain type of music could be a specific experience or an episode in your past. For instance, you may feel the tickle of excitement on hearing tunes on a piano that reminds you of a lover who is no longer yours. Or a certain song that brings back memories from your notorious school days. Sometimes, a tune or a song can even remind you of an event that you’re still part of, like the birth of your precious little girl, or of the time you proposed to a wonderful woman who is now the mother of your kids.

These are all the little things in life that can make you want to go back to a song or a timeless tune every once in a while.

Musi-fying Your Way in Or Out of a Mood

It is only a natural tendency to have a quick switch of taste to suit a current mood. A good mood may call for types of chill, happy music to go with a positive vibe. There’d be times when you’re feeling high or so over the moon that you just want to turn to loud and upbeat music, like the deafening sounds of drums and guitars. If the reason for your excitement is to do with love and romance, it may put you in a mood for the Beatles and MLTR instead, or slow, country music and soothing instrumentals.

On the other hand, musical needs for a bad mood can differ from person to person. A bad mood needs fixing, and what you prefer depends on your temperament. Some may opt for lively, positive tunes and rhythms to help them get over a tough time. There are others who get some kind of satisfaction by completely absorbing themselves in dull and sombre music, despite feeling extremely blue already. Again, it’s all to do with who you are as a person and your personal perceptions and approaches to normal things in life.

Love for Lengthy Lyrics

Have you ever found yourself thoroughly enjoying a particular song you hear for the very first time, irrespective of its genre? Lyrics are the heart of a song. Sometimes, a very well written song coupled with simple music is all that’s needed to do the magic and steal a thousand hearts. This explains it when one says, ‘rap isn’t the type I listen to, but this one’s just too good not to fall in love with’. If the lyrics can touch your soul, the rest doesn’t really matter.

It certainly is strange how a certain type of music can become your favourite. It’s even stranger how the type you really dislike can suddenly become pleasing to you just once, and never again. But it certainly is amazing how almost everything that happens in our life, big or small, can intertwine with music so much that together, it could make life a lot better, or sometimes a lot worse.

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