Based in North Carolina, the psychedelic band EYEBALL have recently released their brand new single ‘Crawling Creatures’.

Eyeball is a band like no other, their extraordinary dark sound and unique lyrics will give you a spellbinding listening experience. Founding member of the band Trey McLamb speaks of where the inspiration for their new single came from:

“The song began with the realisation that insects outnumber the human race by the billions, the planet really belongs to them.” His definition of the song automatically gives you 1000 questions even before the first listen. He adds, “I took that idea and added a Lovecraftian direction to the lyrics and it fit the creepy mood of the music perfectly, the song practically wrote itself.”

There is no denying that Eyeball have an incredibly creative outlook when it comes to their sound and have no fear of stepping out of their comfort zone. They are currently working on a full-length album but have stated that ‘Crawling Creatures’ is very different to the rest of their songs. The group consisting of Trey McLamb (Drums), Myriam Martian (Guitar), Brian Oaksford (Bass), and Aaron Albrecht (keyboardist), have released 3 promotional videos. One of these videos, ‘Acid War’ reached number 1 on the Unsigned Top Chart, and ‘Inside the Moon’ held the number 1 spot on Way Out Radio.

‘Crawling Creatures’ is available to download through the band’s website.

Crawling Creatures

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