Keeping Your Finger On The Pulse: Discovering New Music

Most of us love a trip down memory lane when it comes to listening to music, but it’s also exciting to discover new bands and tracks. If you’re always on the lookout for up and coming names or you’re keen to make sure that you’re the first in your friendship group to share news of the next big thing, here are some steps to keep your finger on the pulse.

Turn Up On Time For The Support Acts

You may buy a ticket for a concert based on the headline star, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to see the support act too. Support acts often go on to sell out their own shows, and you might find that you become a superfan from day one. In most cases, arriving at a venue a couple of hours before the main event kicks off will enable you to get more for your money and potentially discover an artist or a band that is right up your street. It’s always worth remembering that even the biggest names had to start somewhere. For some fascinating backstories and an insight into how the world’s most famous musicians rose to fame, check out this piece

Listen To Recommended Tracks

If you use a music streaming service, you might notice that occasionally, your playlist goes off-piste and a track plays based on the music you have in your library. When you look at your homepage, you may also see a list of recommended tracks or artists. Services like Spotify use your preferences to create suggestions. While you may want to devote your time to songs you already know and love, it’s worth exploring recommendations. If you don’t already have access to a streaming service on your phone or tablet, take a look at this article If you love music, it’s well worth weighing up your options and getting an idea of what kinds of features and perks signing up to Spotify or Apple Music will offer.


Reading is beneficial for everyone who has any kind of hobby or interest. If you’re a music fan, and you want to stay ahead of the curve and find out about new bands or up and coming singers before the masses, reading is a great way to do this. Follow blogs, read magazines, and get to know people with a similar taste in music. Look out for articles shared by music industry insiders and features that shine a spotlight on new talent.

Tune Into New Music Shows

Some radio stations are famed for playing crowd-pleasers and chart-topping hits all day, every day, but there are some that have shows and slots dedicated to new music. By tuning into these stations, you’ll have access to fresh tunes, as well as those that have already hit the headlines.

Are you a fan of new music? Do you like to discover new bands and share songs with your friends? If so, follow these steps to make sure you’re one step ahead.

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  1. Nice article with tips that everyone can benefit from! Many people miss out on great music because because they’re afraid to go out of their comfort zone. I agree that using a music streaming app really widens your horizons and may even introduce some old favorites you forgot about into the mix. Pandora is helpful for that and Youtube is awesome! I’ve found so many great bands that way. A few examples are Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band,

    1. Thank you! And yeah you are challenged to listen to something different! I like the reading hint too, because reading music magazines and blogs is pretty much the main way I’ve found new music over the years – back in the 80s reading Smash Hits and more recently reading Billboard Mag and Mojo online, and of course, from reading other music blogs!

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