How To Have The Best Concert Experience Ever

When you’re having thoughts about organising a night out with some of your best friends, concerts and music events probably always pop into your mind. Finding a really great artist that you will all enjoy spending the whole evening listening to is a task in itself, and often when you arrive at the venue it isn’t all it was originally cracked up to be. However, there are so many easy things you can do both before and during the gig in order to ensure you and your friends have the best time of your lives, and these helpful tips should help you find out how to get started!

Order Your Tickets

Finding the right date, artist and venue that all link together and work for you sometimes seems almost impossible. However, the more time you have to properly plan your night the better it will be, so start to consider all of the details as soon as the ideas brought about. There are some amazing artists listed at to give you an idea of where to start looking for some tickets at an exclusive price. Ask your friends what sort of vibe they want their night to be, and attempt to book accordingly. If you really can’t decide, pose a few different options and let your friends choose which of them would be the best in their opinion, then whichever is most popular is where you go. Don’t be afraid to try something a little different to the norm, as it may be your new favourite and you really will never know until you give it a try.

Get Some Sleep

Having a quality period of rest before heading to a gig will give you the energy to party all night long. There’s nothing worse than waving the white flag of defeat at 11:00 p.m. and leaving your friends to carry on having fun until sunrise, and you’ll start to feel like a grandparent rather than a raver. It’s guaranteed to be a high energy experience if you’re going to a concert that’s anything other than classical music, so you will need to have the spirit to stay at the same level. Try to get at least 8 hours the night prior to the event, or have a short nap a couple of hours before you go out to keep you on your toes.

Eat A Good Meal & Stay Hydrated

On the day of a concert it’s easy to get a little excited and lose your appetite somewhat, especially when you’re really into the artist you’re going to see. However, it’s really important that you keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the night, as the atmosphere is a lot more pressing on your body than an average night out on the town. If the crowd is a little wild, the venue will be bouncing and jumping around you, and the heat of the place will sky rocket. Busting out your best moves requires a whole load of energy too, so be sure to eat a balanced meal an hour or two before you head out. You also need to stay hydrated throughout the gig, ensuring that you drink water regularly and don’t get too hot and dehydrated.

Dress Appropriately

Although you may be tempted to whack on a pair of stilettos and a little black dress, gig attire is completely different to that of a bar or club. The atmosphere is more casual, and the general dancing tends to be a bit more carefree and energetic. Because of this, it’s better to wear something suitable and comfortable, and always stick to flat shoes or boots with a low heel – never choose open toed shoes as your feet will get destroyed! Avoid wearing any light colours or shoes you really like, as they’re unfortunately probably going to get destroyed by being stepped on and covered in alcohol, dirt, and who knows what else. Opt for something other than a jumper or sweatshirt as you will overheat quickly, and the same goes for anything that’s tight fitting. The most important thing is that you stay comfortable through the night and have the ability to move freely with the music.

Use Your Eyes, Not Your Phone

It’s so tempting to pull out your phone and start recording the music, but it’s much better to live in the moment and enjoy the experience fully as it is happens around you. You may watch the videos a couple of times when scrolling through your phone, but other than that they’re just lost in your camera roll. Instead of blocking the view of the person behind you whilst holding your arm as still as possible to get the best shot, keep your phone somewhere safe and secure like inside your bag or within a sealable pocket. This way not only will you be less tempted to faff around and waste time getting it out, but there’s also less of a chance that it will get stolen or damaged during the show.

Be Confident

With the amount of people surrounding you at a concert, you may lose a little bit of confidence and avoid dancing or singing out of embarrassment. Worrying about the opinions of others will ruin your night, and it’s highly unlikely that any of the other audience members will be concerned with you enjoying yourself. Just let go of your anxieties and get down to the music, as this is what a concert is meant to be all about. Appreciate the artist’s sound and let it flow through your body, don’t be afraid of looking like a fool! At least you’re having fun.

Hopefully these useful hacks will help you have the best concert experience ever. Book your tickets in advance and get ready for the show. Eat well beforehand, stay hydrated and don’t overdress so you’re comfortable throughout. Don’t let your worries get the better of you, sing and dance to your heart’s content and really live in the moment.

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