Rick Springfield Releases Orchestral Version Of 80’s Hit ‘Jessie’s Girl’

With an exclusive premiere by Billboard, Rick Springfield has released an orchestral version of his massive hit, ‘Jessie’s Girl’, taken from his seventeenth studio album, ‘Orchestrating My Life’. Performed for the first time at Los Angeles’ Saban Theatre, the album includes all the songs Rick is best known for, re-recorded with a powerful mix of rock, and orchestral, arrangements.

The album features new versions of the afore-mentioned ‘Jessie’s Girl’, and also ‘Don’t Talk To Strangers’, ‘Love Somebody’, and ‘Human Touch’, along with eight other classics, and brand new track, ‘Irreplaceable’. Rick will be touring the album with symphony orchestras, across the US and throughout the world this year and into 2020.

Rick Springfield’s singing career began in his native Australia, as a member of 60s pop band, Zoot, leaving after two years to follow his solo career, before moving to the US, where he had two top 10 albums in the early 1980s – ‘Working Class Dog’ and ‘Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me Yet’. ‘Working Class Dog’ spawned his most famous song, ‘Jessie’s Girl’, which garnered him the Grammy Award in 1982 for Best Rock Male Vocal Performance.

Rick launched an acting career, playing the handsome Doctor Noah Drake for many years on ‘General Hospital’, as well as roles in films including ‘Boogie Nights’, and ‘Suicide Squad’. He’s run both careers alongside each other, with the release of ‘Working Class Dog’ occurring while he was still playing Doctor Drake.

Rick has also released two best selling books: his autobiography, ‘Late, Late At Night’, was declared by Rolling Stone as “one of the 25 best autobiographies of all time”, and the New York Times listed novel, ‘Magnificent Vibration’. Rick Springfield received his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 2014.

You can find Rick Springfield online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, official website, and his official website.

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