Soft Cell – ‘To Show You I’ve Been There’ Photo Book & Exclusive 7″released 1st May 2019

Iconic synthpop duo Soft Cell are set to release an incredible photo book, ‘To Show You I’ve Been There’ alongside an exclusive 7″ EP, ‘Magick Mutants’. Published by Renegade Music, the book is limited to 1300 copies, and will be available from 1 May 2019.

The photo books contain commentary from new interviews by acclaimed music journalist, Mark Paytress, and each copy comes with an exclusive 4 track vinyl edition of the ‘Magick Mutants’ EP, containing four fully re-recorded tracks from the band’s early 80s archive. The tracks are ‘Science Fiction Stories’, ‘Bleak Is My Favourite Cliché’, ‘The Girl With The Patent Leather Face’ and a special cover of the seminal 1979 ‘Fad Gadget’ single, ‘Back To Nature’.

As with the highly-sought-after ‘Mutant Moments’ EP from 1980, the artwork has been created by Dave Ball, and the tracks will also be made available as full-length downloads with purchase of the book.

Neither the 7” nor the downloads will be available to buy independently from the book, and no further pressings will ever be made.

From their earliest days performing experimental cabaret at Leeds Polytechnic and around the northern club circuit in the late 1970s to their triumphant ‘farewell’ concert at London’s O2 Arena in September 2018, ‘To Show You I’ve Been There’ illustrates Soft Cell’s sharp trajectory into the musical landscape of the 1980s and beyond.

‘To Show You I’ve Been There’ will be published as a hardback, quarter-bound glossy and linen cover. The book comprises 176 pages, including a carefully curated selection of over 200 rare and previously unpublished photos from all eras of their inspirational and sometimes controversial career, and a full UK discography.

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