‘Sanctuary’ – Misato

‘Sanctuary’ is the latest release from Misato. It’s lyrically empowering and has a new age vibe to it.

Misato’s voice is rich and melodious, and the song, which comes with a brief video on YouTube, is addressed to a redeemer – whether it be God or someone else who has saved her – regardless she has found refuge from her troubles. Musically ‘Sanctuary’ is uplifting and joyful, and yet there is a sense of pain still remaining, which can only be resolved by the one who gives her sanctuary.

Opening with an organ playing, we immediately feel as though we might be in Church. Soon after however there is a sound like a comet or some other celestial object riocheting; we know at this point that it is no ordinary human being giving her Sanctuary. Misato’s vocals are very intriguing; as she sings the lyrics you feel as though she’s using her voice to focus on the harmonies of the tones rather than the sound of the words. It’s a very effective method, further emphasising the heavenly aspect of the Sanctuary.

There is an Eastern aspect to the instrumentation. At about a third of the way through the track it sounds like a sitar playing, which adds to the New Age feel of the music. Vocally Misato reminds us a little of Björk: particularly the song ‘Blissing Me‘; her vocals are mellifluous and very pleasing.

Lyrics such as

The sorrow you went through teaches me truth

The blood you gave is pulsing deep inside of me

The love you left takes me on a cruise

Shining brightly within my heart

suggest that the Sanctuary is a Christ-like redeemer – if not Christ himself, then someone else who has given her hope. Other lines, such as

The life you lived shows me the meaning of life

The tears you shed prevent me hurting

The words you said give me the power to survive

The songs you sang touch my heartstrings

could possibly be written about a parent, a teacher, a lost lover. All in all it’s a very curious song, which compels the hearer to pay close attention, and listen over and over again.

Watch the teaser video for ‘Sanctuary’. Visit Misato’s YouTube channel to listen to her other music.


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